The Story of Menchaca Elementary School


Eliza Loyola, Principal – Austin ISD
Mary Tijerina, Teacher – Austin ISD

Menchaca Elementary School opened earlier this year in South Austin, a pK-5 facility that was intentionally designed to support the district’s educational guidelines for 21st century learning: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, …

As we focus on early learners, this session will explore what that means for Early Childhood Education and how families, the nature, the space and educators work together to guide students into their learning journey.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Understand challenges early learners face as they enter public education.
2.  See how nature and the environmental setting impact student experience in a brand new facility.
3.  Understand the relevance of 21st century learning skills at an early childhood education level.
4.  Gain insight into the resources Educators use and need to support early learners.